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Research Use Only (RUO) Tests

Human Platelet Antigen by DNA Analysis:

The BioArray HPA BeadChip detects 22 platelet antigens in a single test. The HPA BeadChip is available in a 12x8 or 1x96 format for 96 tests.

RH Antigen DNA by Analysis:

The BioArray RHCE and RHD BeadChips extensively identify more than 35 and 75 RH variants, respectively, across two assays, providing quick and accurate DNA analysis. The RH BeadChip kits are available as a 6x8 format for 48 tests.

*In the US, BioArray HPA, RhCE, and RhD assays currently are available as Research Use Only.
The PreciseType HEA test, and RhD BeadChip assays are currently licensed in Canada. The HPA and RhCE assays are not currently licensed in Canada.
The BioArray HPA, HEA, RhCE and RhD assays carry the CE Mark for sale in EU.
Please contact your local distributer for your country’s regulatory status.