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PreciseTypeTM HEA test is the first and only FDA approved test for extended red blood cell antigen typing.

Immucor’s BioArrayTM molecular BeadChipTM assays are innovative tools in Transfusion Medicine that enhance donor and patient matching capability and complement our Echo and NEO automated serological testing systems. PreciseTypeTM HEA test is a multiplexed molecular assay that generates detailed molecular information from patient and donor samples, rapidly detecting genotypes for accurate prediction of phenotypes. Immucor also manufactures HPA and RH molecular BeadChipTM assays that are available for Research Use Only in the US.

BioArray's BeadChip technology utilizes the genetic information of blood donors and patients to predict red blood cell and platelet phenotypes. BeadChip assays for red blood groups are not influenced by immunoglobulin coating of the red blood cells, the presence of recently transfused red blood cells, or any form of polyagglutination.

*In the US, BioArray HPA, RhCE, and RhD assays currently are available as Research Use Only.
The PreciseType HEA test, and RhD BeadChip assays are currently licensed in Canada. The HPA and RhCE assays are not currently licensed in Canada.
The BioArray HPA, HEA, RhCE and RhD assays carry the CE Mark for sale in EU.
Please contact your local distributer for your country’s regulatory status.