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The new MIA FORA NGS FLEX HLA Typing Kit is the only Next Generation Sequencing solution that delivers comprehensive, flexible coverage and an optimized laboratory workflow without compromising performance.
  • Sample to Sequencing in <24 hours
  • Available as 5, 6, 9 and 11 gene kits
  • Upgrade to the power of the MIA FORA 3.0 software
  • Compatible with both Windows Workstations and Linux Servers
MIA FORA is for Research Use Only in US. Not for In Vitro diagnostic use.

Comprehensive Coverage

Studies have shown that better HLA matching leads to lower morbidities, decreased transplant related complications, and reduce hospital stays. The MIA FORA NGS FLEX HLA Typing solution offers the most extensive coverage of the HLA genome, especially with respect to all the DRB loci. This extensive coverage, along with the proprietary MIA FORA Software, leads to fewer ambiguous typing calls.
1 Speiser, Daniel E., et al. “High Resolution HLA Matching Associated With Decreased Mortality After Unrelated Bone Marrow Transplantation.” Blood, Vol. 87, No. 10 (May 15). 1996: pp 4455–4462
2 Lee, Stephanie J., et al. “High-resolution donor-recipient HLA matching contributes to the success of unrelated donor marrow transplantation.” Blood, Vol. 110, No. 13 (December 15). 2007: pp 4576–4583

Optimized Workflow

MIA FORA NGS FLEX provides an efficient workflow that is easily integrated into the HLA Laboratory and designed to minimize hands-on time for technicians.
  • Samples are pooled prior to the library prep step, which reduces pipetting steps from 576 to 72.
  • Validated automation streamlines both pre and post PCR steps.
  • All reagents are included in the kit along with a pre-mixed master mix which eliminates the need to source kit components independently.
  • Data analysis available both for high powered Linux Server as well as an easily integrated Windows Workstation.
Total Assay Time: <48 Hours
Total Hands-on Time: <6 hours



Sirona Genomics

Early in 2016, Immucor invested in Sirona Genomics, a spinoff of the Stanford Genome Technology Center (SGTC), to acquire the market-leading MIA FORA NGS FLEX HLA typing solution as well as a team of R&D experts in the HLA field. With an exclusive focus on NGS HLA typing, this pioneering team created a groundbreaking solution for transplant teams and patients.

Along with this investment, Immucor acquired the proprietary Sirona Genomics database archive of the sequences identified during the seven-year MIA FORA development process.
  • 15,000 samples run to build and verify the Sirona Genomics database and augment the international IMGT public database.
  • 400+ samples validated with 99%+ accuracy
  • Innovative MIA FORA software developed to reduce the time required for data analysis

Kit Components

Immucor provides all reagents needed for PCR amplification, reagent prep and sequencing in the MIA FORA kits. The MIA FORA kits also contain the adapter plate and magnetic beads. Kits are available for the 5, 6, 9 and 11 gene configurations.

RUO Kit Configurations
Part Number

MIA FORA NGS FLEX 11 HLA Typing Kit, 24 Tests

MIA FORA NGS FLEX 5 HLA Typing Kit, 24 Tests

MIA FORA NGS FLEX 6 HLA Typing Kit, 24 Tests

MIA FORA NGS FLEX 9 HLA Typing Kit, 24 Tests

MIA FORA NGS MFlex 11 HLA Typing Kit , 24 Tests

MIA FORA NGS MFlex 6 HLA Typing Kit , 24 Tests

MIA FORA NGS FLEX 5 HLA Typing Kit, 96 Tests

MIA FORA NGS FLEX 6 HLA Typing Kit, 96 Tests

MIA FORA NGS FLEX 9 HLA Typing Kit, 96 Tests

MIA FORA NGS FLEX 11 HLA Typing Kit, 96 Tests

MIA FORA NGS MFlex 11 HLA Typing Kit, 96 Tests

MIA FORA NGS MFlex 6 HLA Typing Kit , 96 Tests




The software that powers the MIA FORA NGS FLEX analysis was developed based on Immucor’s extensive experience with HLA typing. Rather than adapting software used for Sanger sequencing or other NGS applications like oncology, we spent more than seven years developing a solution that is uniquely suited for high-resolution HLA typing. The MIA FORA software can be run on either a dedicated Linux Server or a Windows-based operating system.

The MIA FORA intuitive Graphical User Interface and Smart features reduce the time required for result analysis. The easy-to-navigate graphical interface provides a wealth of information at a glance, and tools to help easily transition from Sanger sequencing to NGS. The Summary Table displays sample genotypes with Smart Flags to guide the user through analysis.

MIA FORA’s Smart Flags enable users to make informed allele calls in the minimum amount of time by predicting genotype status using an easy to read format. Additionally, MIA FORA’s Smart Guides walk users through the data analysis process step by step by highlighting samples that require additional review and suggesting next steps to review and analyze flagged samples.

Three Algorithms for More Accurate Analysis

MIA FORA is the only software that uses three algorithms, one for mapping and two for phasing, to ensure the most accurate base calling. Both the Dynamic Phasing Analysis Algorithm and the Competitive Alignment Algorithm are exclusive to MIA FORA with patents pending.



Package Inserts, SDSs, and Lot Specific Documents are located in the Immucor Customer Center.

Immucor Customer Center

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