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Blood Grouping
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Most Comprehensive Product Line:  As the primary supplier for thousands of blood banks across the globe, we offer a complete product line of traditional antisera. From the routine ABO to a monoclonal Anti-P1 and rare lectins, we have the right reagent to fulfill your inventory needs. In the North American market, we offer many reagents that cannot be sourced from any other supplier.

Variable Package Sizes:  We understand that not all laboratories manage the same workload.  To make inventory management more efficient, we provide variable package configurations for many of our routine reagents to support laboratories of all sizes.

Made in the USA: All products are manufactured in the USA providing reliable product supply.

New Monoclonal Blood Grouping Reagents are Now Available:
Description Product Code Configuration
Anti-k Gamma-clone® 0004817 1 x 5 mL
Anti-Fyb Gamma-clone® 0004818 1 x 5 mL
Anti-Cw Gamma-clone® 0004819 1 x 5 mL