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​Capture Workstation

​Capture® Workstation

Capture technology has a proven advantage. Now, more than ever, Immucor offers your laboratory an efficient test method which provides standardized test results with excellent sensitivity and specificity. The semi-automated Capture workstation is designed as a stand-alone solution for small laboratories or as a back-up system to the Echo or NEO. This workstation is easy to use and means antibody screening and identification has never been so efficient.

P2 Incubator: P2's dual incubation bay means there's no bottleneck during test processing. You can process multiple runs simultaneously, allowing you to continuously process your dynamic workflow.

CSW100 Automated Washer: The CSW100 automated cell washer is pre-programmed for optimal performance, and the wash cycle is less than 5 minutes. Capture's wash step allows the processing of lipemic or icteric samples.

Immuspin Centrifuge: The Immuspin centrifuge is pre-programmed with optional spin parameters. Centrifugation time is less than 3 minutes for all Capture assays contributing to a quick turnaround time for test results.