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Canada Profile

Established in 1982, Immucor plays a vital role in making blood transfusions safe for patients around the world. We market a complete line of traditional immunohematology reagents and fully automated instruments as well as data management software to drive efficiency and productivity. Immucor strives to improve the quality of pre-transfusion testing by driving the implementation of automation in the blood bank. We began our history of automating laboratories in 1998 and have continually invested in next generation systems throughout our history. Our instruments serve both donor and patient testing markets through successful implementations in hospital transfusion services, clinical laboratories and blood donor centers.

Immucor has a rich history of bringing innovative products to our customers. Our patented Capture® solid phase technology received its first license in 1986. This microplate-based technology performs antibody screening and identification assays and provides an easy-to-use, standardized test method with improved sensitivity for clinically-significant antibodies.

In addition to its manual testing benefits, Capture’s microplate-based technology is ideally suited for automation. Immucor began revolutionizing the blood bank industry through the introduction of fully automated instruments in 1998 with the first FDA-cleared instrument for blood typing and antibody screening assays, the ABS2000®. We continued to invest in next generation automated technologies and launched the Galileo®, Echo® and NEO® platforms from 2002 through 2010. The Echo was launched worldwide in 2007 and is designed to improve efficiencies in small to medium-sized hospital transfusion services. NEO was launched worldwide in 2010 and provides the highest throughput on the global market for blood typing and antibody screening. This high volume instrument is ideally suited for large hospital transfusion services, clinical laboratories and blood donor centers. Echo and NEO both feature a broad test menu coupled with continuous access and STAT prioritization for laboratories with dynamic workflow.

In 2008, Immucor invested in what we believe will be the future of transfusion medicine – molecular immunohematology – with our acquisition of BioArray Solutions. BioArray pioneered the development of DNA typing of blood for transfusion. With the goal of improving transfusion medicine, we believe that molecular immunohematology will revolutionize the global industry. We are currently developing a next generation automated instrument for our molecular product line, which will allow us to further commercialize this exciting technology.

We believe that automation is the key to improving blood bank operations and patient safety around the world. Our automation strategy is fundamental to our success. We are committed to ensuring that highly effective blood bank automation and molecular technologies benefits our customers, employees, shareholders and ultimately, patients.