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 Immucor delivers products for everyone


From a standard line of routine testing and screening products to a comprehensive array of specialty products; from large-scale to smaller-volume automated instruments that set the standard in automation; from serological to molecular, plus cutting edge software solutions, Immucor is bringing industry-leading products to our blood bank partners, better ensuring that a safe blood supply reaches all who need it.


Immunohematology Reagents

For 30 years Immucor has been solely focused on meeting the critical needs of the blood bank laboratory. We are 100% vested in transfusion diagnostics and recognize that a dependable supple of high quality Reagent Red Blood Cells is vital to every lab's operation.


Immucor's patented Capture® solid phase technology is a high performance antibody screening and identification technology. Our solid phase technology is so reliable, Capture-R® Ready-Screen® is the method for screening approximately 90% of the North American blood supply. With a full line of assays to suit your specific needs - and innovative equipment to facilitate and automate the process - Capture® becomes the only logical choice for antibody screening and identification.


The company that introduced blood bank automation to the United States offers the right system for any size laboratory. Designed to work with our patented Capture® solid phase technology, you can depend on automation from Immucor, test after test, for proven reliability, exceptional flexibility and unparalleled support.

Software Solutions

Immucor takes blood bank into the future with cutting-edge software solutions.  From instrument networking to data management, our software solutions are designed  specifically to enhance the productivity of blood bank laboratories.


Immucor’s BioArray™ molecular BeadChip™ assays are innovative tools in Transfusion Medicine that enhance donor and patient matching capability and complement our Echo and NEO automated serological testing systems. A variety of assays are available for Red Blood Cell and Platelet genotyping to assist with delivering deep insight into extended antigen typing to help solve complex red blood cell and platelet compatibility cases.

LIFECODES Hemostasis

​Hemostasis and thrombosis represent the body’s twin mechanism that keeps blood flowing while at the same time prevents blood loss when injured or under attack by disease or microbes. Immucor’s line of Hemostasis products provide useful information to help determine an individual’s risk of excessive bleeding or thrombosis. Our unique product designs, coupled with superior technical support and customer service make Immucor the smart choice for laboratory professionals and coagulation specialists world-wide.

LIFECODES Equipment & Accessories

LIFECODES Transfusion Medicine

Antibody Detection Products
HPA Genotyping
​Platelets represent a critical component of the body’s clotting function and are one of the most commonly transfused of all blood components. Correct determination of platelet type and the presence of antibody to platelet antigens as a bar to platelet transfusion, provides important information to clinicians and transfusion professionals. With the addition of platelet antibody and platelet typing assays to Immucor’s product portfolio, we continue our mission to provide the best-in-class products that will lead to transfusions that are safe, accessible and affordable.

LIFECODES Transplant

Antibody Detection Products
HLA Genotyping
KIR Genotyping
Serologic Typing
​LIFECODES is a world-class leader in transplant diagnostics providing a broad portfolio of molecular and antibody-based assays using ELISA and xMAP® technology to evaluate HLA compatibility between donors and recipients.

Laboratories all over the world use LIFECODES HLA serology and molecular typing assays as part of determining the best path forward for a transplant recipient. The more compatible the donor-recipient match, the less likely for organ or stem cell rejection.